Staff, salary and wages

Optima Project LTD provides services for the accurate reporting of labour, working hours and settlement of accounts with employees and workers as a part of a monthly subscription or as an individual package.

Main package:

  • Drawing up the documents, relevant to employment – employment contracts, additional agreements, labour and insurance licenses;
  • Preparation of job descriptions
  • Preparation of monthly payroll and pay slips
  • Preparation of documents, reflecting hours worked and the periods for the statutory holidays of staff
  • Processing and registration of sick leave documents for employees and workers in National Insurance Institute (NII)
  • Preparation of documents for terminating the labour relations with staff
  • Submission of information of insured people in NII’s register
  • Preparation of payment orders and documents for online banking
  • Preparation of certificates and a full range of administrative documents for the workers and employees in the client’s company
  • Management of civil contracts
  • Representation before the Social insurance authorities during revisions and audit

Additional services:

  • At the request of the client – participate in the search and selection of staff members
  • Drawing up or participating in drawing-up projects and documents for employment programs established by the Employment agency with the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy