Accounting and tax

Optima Project LTD provides not only a complete accounting service, but a periodical analysis of the generalized result data and indexes with the intent to aid the efficient management of the respective company.

Main package:

Current accounting

  • Efficient keeping of accounting, processing primary accounting documents according to the appropriate national or international standards
  • Periodical statement of corporation and income taxes
  • Periodical statement on insurance for the National Revenue agency and the  National Insurance Institute in accordance with Bulgarian legislations
  • Preparation and submission of inquiries and declarations according to VAT and Intrastrat
  • Preparation of payment orders for credit transfers  to the budget regarding accrued taxes and insurance
  • Registration for VAT – mandatory or voluntary

Year-End Processing:

  • Preparation and submission of annual financial statements and consolidated annual financial statements
  • Preparation and submission of annual tax statements
  • Preparation and submission of annual statistical forms for the National Institute of Statistics

Additional accounting and tax services:

  • Year-Ending of companies, which are do not have monthly subscription
  • Preparation of periodic financial statements – according to the client’s needs
  • Preparation and submission of monthly or tri-monthly verifications for the National Institute of Statistics
  • Consultations on questions regarding tax and insurance causes in accordance to the existing legislations
  • Representation and defence before tax administrative authorities, the  National Insurance Institute – during revisions or audits
  • Additional  services according to the needs and requests of the clients