Administrative services

Banking services

  • Submission of payment orders and deposit slips in the servicing bank;
  • Receiving bank missives and depositing sums in current/checking accounts of the company;

Organization services

  • Initial registration with the Trade Register or Bulstat register of the Registry Agency
  • Submission of Annual financial statements to the Trade registry of the Registry agency
  • Publishing the prepared Annual financial statements on the site of Optima Project LTD for those clients, who are not obligated to publish them in the Trade registry of the Registry agency
  • The organization of accounting services in a client’s office and visitations
  • Receiving and submission of documents from the client’s office

Information services

  • Preparation of additional reports and inquiries
  • Submission and receipt of certificate of good standing of the client’s company in the Trade Register of the Registry agency
  • Submission and receipt of a certificate of tax liabilities
  • Intermediation in the choice of a Labour Medicine Service
  • Preparation and consultation when preparing project contracts
  • Preparation of documents for lease or credit